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10 Romantic Date Ideas in Honolulu

An aerial view of Hawaii
January 17, 2023

Aloha! Have you ever stopped to think about taking a romantic vacation in Honolulu to strengthen your and your partner’s bond as a couple? Surrounded by awe-inspiring natural beauty, Honolulu offers a range of activities and attractions perfect for romantic dates. From the spectacular beaches and heavenly sunsets to the tropical breezes and lovely waterfalls, Hawaii’s capital is a match made in heaven.

If you’re looking for romantic or Valentine's Day date ideas in Honolulu, this post is for you! You can find the perfect out-of-the-ordinary, romantic things to do in Honolulu, Oahu!

The Best Honolulu Couple Activities

Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape or Valentine’s Day weekend getaways in Honolulu, these activities will strengthen your relationship as a couple!

1. Indulge in a Private Surf Lesson

Taking a surfing lesson is one of the best Honolulu romantic date ideas for couples looking to enjoy some time in the water. The beaches are beautiful, the weather is great, and you're with your loved one. What more could you ask for? When you take surf lessons, the ocean breeze and the crashing waves create a perfect date setting. These private lessons also take place along the beach's secluded sections, adding to the romantic feel. Waves roll under the Hawaiian sun while surf instructors impart a lifetime of experience with you and your partner.

2. Take an Evening Walk at Waikiki Beach

If you’re looking for the ideal date night in Honolulu, take a night stroll at Waikiki Beach. During the day, Waikiki Beach is a perfect spot for surfing and sunbathing. However, at dawn, it’s a place to experience the most majestic sunsets in the world and hear the calming sound of waves rolling in. You can walk hand-in-hand along the silky sand or lay side-by-side on a blanket and relax under the stars.

3. View the City from Above on a Helicopter Tour

Take to the skies and soar above spectacular views of Honolulu’s iconic sights as it unfolds below you in an unforgettable way. With a helicopter tour, you can see the beautiful coastlines, hills, and valleys and enjoy views of the city below. Most tours take around 45 to 60 minutes to complete and offer views from both sides of the aircraft. While in the air, don’t forget to sneak in a kiss — it doesn't get much better than that!

4. Explore the Hawaiian Waters on a Yacht

One of the best romantic Honolulu experiences is to explore the sea on a yacht. You can get up close and personal with dolphins, whales, and other sea creatures while enjoying the breathtaking views of island beaches and clear blue waters. To make it even more romantic, you can sail on a sunset cruise and watch the sun dip below the waves while enjoying a glass of champagne.

Romantic Dinner Date Ideas in Honolulu

To fuel your Valentine's Day getaways in Honolulu, here are some tips for an ideal romantic dinner date:

5. Open-air Dinner Dates

Honolulu offers a variety of alfresco dining, perfect for setting the mood over a delicious romantic meal. Two of the best places to have a romantic dinner in Honolulu are the Beach House at the Moana and La Mer. These beachside restaurants invoke the spirit of beach and island leisure with a relaxed ambiance for dining. Beautifully decorated and comfortable, they offer intimate dining options, from the finest seafood, steaks, and wine from around the world.

6. Stroll & Dine at Chinatown

Besides walking along Waikiki Beach, other romantic walks in Honolulu include the stretch of North Beretania and Nu’uanu streets, called Chinatown. Here, you can duck in and explore small shops or restaurants. You’ll find a trendy but laid-back atmosphere that lures you to sample the local flavors. After an early dinner, be sure to stop by the art exhibit at the Ong King Art Center or visit the nearby Foster Botanical Gardens.

7. Sunset Cruise Dinner

Whether it’s a typical day or a special occasion, there are many options for a romantic dinner in Honolulu. One that you and your soulmate shouldn’t miss is a sunset cruise dinner! Star of Honolulu, Maita'i Catamaran, and Moana Sailing are three of the best companies for sunset dinners in the city. They let you experience a lovely dinner while watching the sun go down and the city lights sparkle. With the open seas around you, it's the perfect way to unwind and savor a delicious meal with your lover. Indeed, these are also good choices when looking for sunset dinners in Honolulu for Valentine's Day! 

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Honolulu

There are tons of things to do on Valentine's Day in Honolulu. Besides sunset dinners mentioned above, you can indulge in the following Valentine's Day activities in Honolulu for couples:

8. Spend Quality Time Together in a Massage Spa

What's a better way to celebrate love than a couples massage in Honolulu for Valentine's Day? If you're looking for a nice massage for two, Hawaii Natural Therapy offers Honolulu couples’ retreats for Valentine's Day. As a massage oasis, they offer special deals for couples to revitalize the mind, body, and spirit.

9. Participate in Valentine’s Day Events

If the above isn’t your forte, joining some Valentine's Day events in Honolulu would also be fun. You can indulge in a Valentine’s Day Paint & Sip event organized by Posh Caribbean Grill. You can also dance the night away with your sweetheart at the Sadie Hawkins Valentine’s Day Dance.

10. Give a Gift

Are you looking for Valentine's Day gift ideas in Honolulu? If your partner is a foodie, then nothing says "I love you" like a dinner at their favorite restaurant in Honolulu. You can also visit Chocolate on a Mission and delight your cravings for sweets. The best thing? The proceeds will go to a great cause!

Book a Hotel in Honolulu

It’s no doubt that Honolulu is the perfect Valentine's Day destination. To make your celebration or Valentine's Day getaway to Honolulu extra special, book a stay at Best Western’s The Plaza Hotel. We offer special Honolulu hotel packages for couples, and our accommodations offer a wonderful way to experience the best of Honolulu, Oahu.

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