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It's no secret that Hawai'i has a rich culture, but did you know food is a huge part of the culture? Food is deeply embedded in Hawaiian culture and centric to almost any celebration. We've gathered many tips and our recommendations on food on the Island of Honolulu. Read all about it, and don't forget to share with your friends!

a wooden spoon sitting on top of a cutting board

The 5 Best Cooking Classes in Honolulu, Hawaii

Spice up your culinary skills in Honolulu! Dive into authentic Hawaiian dishes, explore health-focused recipes, or master pie-making. From professional institutes to cozy home kitchens, Honolulu offers a cooking class for every food lover. Discover the island's rich flavors and elevate your cooking game!

Cheers to Honolulu: Discovering the 6 Best Breweries for Beer Connoisseurs

Aloha beer lovers! Are you planning your next trip to Honolulu? We’ve got the perfect destinations for you! Oahu is home to many of the best local breweries in Hawaii. If you’re a seasoned beer connoisseur or a craft beer newbie, these must-visit breweries are sure to impress you.

Fish and chips food truck

7 Popular Food Trucks in Waikiki

If you happen to stay in Oahu and are looking for a foodie experience, you should check out the best food trucks in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Food

10 Places to Grab Lunch To Go Near the Hotel

Local grub near the hotel that offers takeout or delivery.

4 containers of shaved ice of different colors

4 Places to Satisfy Your Sugar Craving

Have a sweet tooth? Need a sugar rush? These Local Kine “Favorites” will sure to please. These are our go to favorites that we frequent.

Colorful poke bowl next to chopsticks on a blue background

5 of the Best Restaurants Locals Hangs Out

Finding a great place to eat while traveling is not easy, so we've gathered some of the best on the Island for you to considered.