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5 Things to Do When Traveling in a Pandemic to Oahu

Surfer couple at Waikiki Beach
October 26, 2021

The COVID-19 health crisis has had a significant impact on all levels; especially the travel industry. Now that things are returning to somewhat normal, people are looking for things to do during the on-going pandemic that will keep them safe. Here, we talk about our beautiful island of Oahu and some things you can do while keeping your loved ones safe.

What to know about Waikiki and when to go there?

Oahu is one of the American islands that is part of the Hawaiian archipelago. Located in the central Pacific, it is home to the capital Honolulu located on the south coast of the island and is the third largest island in the archipelago. Known as the "Gathering Place", Oahu is home to nearly 75% of the Hawaiian population. Waikiki is a district of Oahu, more precisely of Honolulu. The climate on this island is ideal, so there is no bad time of year to go there. However, you are advised to go there either from May to October to enjoy the summer, or from November to January to enjoy the winter. And this depends on the type of activities you plan to do there.

What to do on a trip if you’re traveling to Waikiki on Oahu Island?

Oahu is the most popular island in Hawaii. It is so because of its beauty, the many activities that can be enjoyed and the wide range of attractions that are available.


The first must-do activity in Waikiki is surfing. Indeed, Waikiki beach has several surf spots. For some, it is not the ideal place to practice this activity because of the large number of people. However, you should know that in Waikiki, there are tons of surfing spots to choose from. This area of Oahu is an excellent place to surf for every still level. Plus, you can walk away with souvenir photos and beautiful images of you riding the waves.  

Watch the Hula Show on Waikiki Beach

If you prefer a less energetic activity, you can just watch a show. Hula shows are held on Kūhiō Beach at sunset on a frequent bases. These shows are worthwhile and allow you to have a good time on the beach while enjoying the various cultural activities. This activity is free of charge.

Visit the Diamond Head

During this tour, you can see all of Honolulu and Waikiki and enjoy a breathtaking view of the island. If you go by car, you may be charged for parking. Otherwise, you can take the bus and only have to pay less than $10 to enter the park. It is best to go in the morning as it is very hot and desert-like. So, keep some water and where good shoes, because you will have to climb. Don't forget your camera – as you want to remember the amazing views! 

Turtle Watching

The wildlife can be extraordinary in Hawaii, but it depends on where you go. Indeed, not far from the shores of Waikiki, you will not fail to be noticed by certain species, notably the green turtle. Try your luck to see if you can see one of these amazing creatures. If you love nature, then you will surely not be disappointed if you happen to catch a sight of these sea turtles. 

Visit Dole Plantation

Love pineapples? Then maybe a visit to the Dole Plantation is worth a visit. During the visit, you will learn about the company, information about how to produce pineapples and you get to try different dishes and desserts. Basically, it will be a good way to combine business with pleasure.

How to prepare your trip to Waikiki in this period of health crisis?

Currently, Hawaii is closely following the CDC guidelines to assure travelers aren’t actively spreading COVID-19. In fact, Hawaii has some of the strictest guidelines in the US. From requiring negative tests to enter the state to quarantining before traveling to the state. It’s a good idea to stay updated to the current requirements by visiting Hawaii’s Tourism Authority ( before traveling. We recommend following the guidelines closely, to assure your travels are as smooth as possible. 

Plane, bus, train... Mask and disinfection

Taking a plane or other means of transportation during this period will be a different experience. Indeed, in addition to the usual security checks, regulations related to COVID-19 will be added. Airports have installed infrared cameras to detect passengers with fever, where you can be refused to board if your temperature exceeds 100.4F/38C. Wearing a mask is also mandatory and you must disinfect yourself at the gel dispensers.

Hotels, B&Bs, campgrounds: hospitality reinvented

When you arrive at a hotel, don't be surprised to be welcomed behind a Plexiglas window. This is to help protect the staff and guests, alike. The establishments must remind the sanitary measures by means of posters, signs or verbally, if necessary. As safety is the utmost importance.

In museums and cultural sites

Here, each institution or center implements its own sanitary measures. Indeed, a reservation and quota system are added to the classic sanitary security measures (wearing a mask, etc...). Similarly, in other sites, stricter rules are dictated, such as the imposition of a one-way traffic system. Also, group visits may be limited or even eliminated.

Even with all the safety requirement, you can still have a great experience visiting Waikiki.  

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