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New Year, New You! Five Best Places To Get Fit in Oahu

January 2, 2023

This guide will help you stay in shape during your Oahu getaway. Continue reading to learn about the five best places to visit to get fit and the fitness activities and classes you can try.

1. Yoga Under the Palms

Recommended fitness activity: Vinyasa yoga

Rating: ★★★★★

Yoga Under the Palms offers a mix of power yoga and vinyasa classes. Vinyasa is a yoga style distinguished by interweaving poses together to transition seamlessly from one posture to another. This type of yoga is commonly referred to as “flow yoga.” 

You’ll work on your cardio and core between postures and have some restorative time stretching while on your mat. Capping that off is a Savasana position under the palms. The classes offered by Yoga Under the Palms are open to all skill levels and offer customization to support unique needs and levels of yoga experience.

The classes are held on a grass surface with a panoramic view of the ocean. Staying in shape does not get more relaxing and peaceful than this. You will notice the difference between doing yoga in a studio and feeling the calm sense of being present as you do yoga by the ocean.

Make sure to bring your yoga mat and water. Do not forget to bring a face mask, as this is required upon checking in, but you won’t need to wear it during the yoga class.

2. Body Balance

Recommended fitness activity: Reformer workout

Rating: ★★★★★

Are you looking for the best fitness activities in Oahu? Head to the Body Balance studio and try reformer Pilates! This is different from mat-based Pilates. Reformer Pilates is done using a reformer machine and is typically more dynamic and intense due to the resistance produced by the springs from the device. 

The reformer enables you to develop core strength, alignment, and flexibility with finely tuned resistance from the exercise. You will be able to train various sections of your body by using the springs’ resistance and your body weight. 

Body Balance offers other fitness activities such as HIIT classes, strength training and conditioning, cycling, and TRX. The fitness studio has been around since 1998, providing Oahu residents and guests with excellent fitness exercises and classes. They take pride in having the best instructors and offering a small community of fitness-minded people. You are definitely in good hands on your fitness journey when you decide to train here.

3. Sweat + Soul

Recommended fitness activity: Barre classes

Rating: ★★★★☆

A barre class is an excellent idea if you want to stay in shape while having a blast in Oahu. Barre classes focus on high-intensity, low-impact movements intended to improve parts of your body, unlike any other type of exercise. Additionally, this full-body exercise can also develop flexibility and agility. Typically, you will use your body weight and the barre to do repetitions of muscle-burning routines.

The barre class at Sweat + Soul alternates between demanding workouts and replenishing stretches to build a solid training routine that will keep anyone in great shape. Combining simple motions with varying resistance and high repetitions helps you gain lean muscles and improves flexibility. The Sweat + Soul barre class is what you need if you are looking for a simple but highly-effective workout routine.

Aside from building muscles, doing barre routines can also help protect your back, knees, and hips. You’ll feel refreshed and energized after every barre class session. 

4. CorePower Yoga

Recommended fitness activity: Hot yoga

Rating: ★★★★★

CorePower Yoga is a great studio if you want to try hot yoga. Hot yoga is the same as regular yoga, but it’s done in a location heated above average room temperature. The yoga instructor typically sets the temperature, which is generally between 80 F to 98.6 F.

Hot yoga’s benefits include improved lung capacity, increased flexibility, and enhanced bone mass. This exercise effectively burns calories because of the various postures and extreme sweating caused by humid temperatures. Hot yoga is also believed to help regulate glucose levels in the blood and manage stress.

Head to CorePower Yoga and experience hot yoga with the best instructors in Oahu. The studio’s fitness-focused approach mixing strength training, heat, and yoga, combine to produce a well-rounded fitness program.

5. Pilates O Ka La

Recommended fitness activity: Cardio Pilates

Rating: ★★★★☆

One of the best ways to build muscles and loose fat is through cardio Pilates. This relatively new workout routine combines the regular Pilates workout with cardio exercises. Doing cardio Pilates can burn calories and build muscles simultaneously.

The cardio Pilates classes at Pilates O Ka La are a perfect way to shed some weight and keep your muscles toned. Classes usually last for a quarter of an hour, including resistance-based exercises, core strengthening, and the essential stretching routine. Note that socks are required for group classes, so remember to bring a pair. You can also purchase grip socks ideal for the workout at the studio if you have none.


To summarize, you will find plenty of fitness studios to visit if you want to work out and stay fit during your vacation. If you are looking for other fitness activities in Oahu besides regular gym workouts, you will have plenty of options during your stay here. You can find a suitable exercise for your preference and desired results. You might even meet new friends in some fitness classes featured in this guide. 

Working out on a getaway can be really fun. Choose from these Oahu fitness studios now, and experience a workout routine like no other!

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