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Water Activities Waikiki Beaches, Oahu, Hawaii (Part 2)

Banana boats in Hawaii
May 10, 2022

In our last blog (check out here), we covered water sports like snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding, scuba diving and surfing. This month we wanted to bring you a taste of the action filled, extreme water sports our little island can offer for all of you adrenaline junkies out there!  


First up, let’s check out parasailing. It’s one of the fastest growing water activities in Hawaii, which makes sense given the gorgeous weather here and the beauty of the Hawaiian islands from above. We know you’ve probably seen the parasailing scene in Jurassic Park 3 (it was filmed on the neighboring island of Moloka‘i by the way). We also know you are probably dying to check out the crystal blue waters and the gorgeous rocky outcrops of the coast of Oahu from the sky, just like you saw in the film! While parasailing does have what we could consider extreme roots (being used to train for parachute landings) it is actually the most family friendly and leisurely activity on this list. Children as young as 3 can participate! You will safely be 300ft up in the sky with a sea bird’s eye view of the breathtaking and unforgettable Maunalua Bay. Imagine the photos you can take and the stories you would get to tell about your high flying adventure!   

Check out places to book your parasailing adventure: 

Hawaii Water Sports Center

H2O Sports Hawaii

X-treme Water Sports 

Jet Skiing 

We are not sure that there is a more exciting and exhilarating way to enjoy the water than on a jet ski. Take a look at any of the jet skiers in Maunalua Bay, you’ll see the big smiles of vacationers having a blast. What’s not to love about speeding across the surface of the water, sunshine on your skin, air blowing through your hair, and sea mist kisses on your cheeks?  If you’re a beginner, they are pretty simple to learn to drive so you will be able to hop on and zoom all over the water in no time, so don’t be intimidated to try it out! Some rental companies even allow for children to participate if they are on the same jet ski as an adult. Other companies have an age cutoff. If you’re hoping for a family jet ski adventure, just make sure to check out each prospective rental company's age policies! 

Check out these links to jet ski rentals: 

H2O Water Sports Hawaii 

Aloha Jet Skis

Action Sports Hawaii

Banana Boats and Bumper Tubes

A banana boat is exactly as described. It’s an inflatable boat that looks like a banana! We’ve never seen someone on a banana boat who isn’t smiling. It’s impossible. It’s a great family or group activity with some boats holding up to six passengers. A powered boat tows the banana and the lucky riders enjoy an exciting soar across the surface of the water and try to hang on as long as possible. When they can’t they simply let go to take a dip in the refreshing water and then get picked up to try it all over again! Trust us, it’s way more fun than we can describe in words! 

Then there’s the bumper tube ride. It’s the more speedy, bumpy, and action packed cousin to the banana boat. The bumper tube is towed at higher speeds by a jet ski. You’re much closer to the surface of the water and really feel when you catch some air as you fly over a wake! You really get to have a glimpse into a flying fish's perspective. ;) This activity is also family friendly! 

Some places to book your banana boat and/or bumper tube rides:

Fresh Air Oahu

Hawaii Water Sports Center

H2O Water sports  

Water Skiing 

If jet skiing or bumper tubing doesn’t seem like it satisfies your taste for thrills, then perhaps water skiing will be for you! This water sport began picking up popularity in the early 1990’s and now many millions of Americans have dipped their toes into it. There’s no frills or fancy stuff, just you and the water skis and fast paced fun! Feel the water under your feet as you glide across the surface like you’re a pro water skiing olympian! Water skiing in Waikiki is for both experienced skiers and beginners alike, though all the water skiers in your party must be over 12 years old. Don’t leave Oahu without trying this sport! 

Hawaii Water Sports Center

Hawaii Activities 

Fresh Air Oahu 


Flyboarding is what we are going to offer as the most extreme water sport on our list. This activity comes with a higher price tag, but if you got the funds, it could just be THE experience of your vacation to Oahu. It is a newer water sport (developed in 2012) and it is catching on quickly in Hawaii and many companies are now offering plenty of opportunities for vacationers to try it out for themselves! This activity won’t only make your heart soar, you will literally be soaring using the power of water propulsion. Use your flyboard to perform some crowd pleasing tricks like backflips and 360s. 

Start at these links for booking your flyboarding adventure: 

Hawaii Tours

Adventure Tours Hawaii 

X-treme Water Sports 

We hope that this list has helped you in finding the perfect extreme water sport for your vacation to Waikiki! Have both an exhilarating and safe time out on the water! Learn about how to be safe and respectful when interacting with the Hawaiian ocean here. Also, help us protect and preserve our waters, shores, and important sea life by making sure your sunscreen is reef safe

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