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5 of the Best Ways to Get Around O’ahu

Row of Biki Bikes
October 26, 2021

So you’ve just arrived via plane to your dream vacation spot and are ready to get out the beach towels and sunscreen. Maybe in your excitement to get to the good stuff on your trip, you’ve forgotten to figure out exactly how you will get around the island when you’re here. No worries, we got you covered. Keep reading below to learn about all the ways to get from point A to point yay!

Car Rental

Dreaming of driving your own car around the island with the windows down and taking in all the island scenery at your own pace? Renting a car could be the option for you. Getting from your airplane seat to the seat of your rental car is a pretty streamlined experience. You can rent a car from all the major car rental companies, so you’re able to pick one that's your style, in your budget, and drive off happily into the beautiful sunset. One thing to keep in mind is that Oahu is a bustling island, and parking and traffic can be tricky, though not impossible to navigate. Especially if your priority is to explore the farther reaches of the shores. 


At this point in your life adventures, you’ve probably heard of and used rideshare options such as Uber and/or Lyft. If not, that’s okay, you can easily download either app on your phone. Both Uber and Lyft are plentiful and reliable here in Honolulu and other hubs around our island, though in more remote areas of the island you could experience wait times of at least 10 minutes. 

Getting from the airport to your next destination via rideshare is easeful and cost effective. To meet your driver, you would need to make your way over to the designated pick up locations at the second level center median outside Lobbies 2, 5, and 8. Find a map of the pick up zones here.

Estimated prices from the airport to Honolulu and Waikiki hotels cost around $30-35, to Ko Olina about $55, and Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore costs around $90. 

***If you’re arriving at Daniel K. Inouye International airport between 6am and 9pm, we offer a complimentary and exceptionally comfortable 14-passenger shuttle that is convenient, we repeat FREE :) and reliable. Check in with our front desk to learn more!  

Prices getting around the island depend of course on where you’re going and whether you are requesting a ride in a busy time or not. All in all, being able to whip out your phone and request a ride at any time is an excellent convenience.


Are you someone who prefers the Classic? Taking a taxi more your style? O’ahu gots you. There are a few thriving taxi companies to choose from such as The Cab Hawaii and Charley's Taxi. While hailing a taxi isn’t the norm, you can find taxi stands at the airport, in the business district, and most of the major shopping centers. Both taxi companies mentioned above offer their own app to schedule which makes taking a taxi on the island an easy breezy experience.  

BIKI Bikeshare

We are REALLY excited to highlight BIKI bikes for you. BIKI was launched in 2017 by the non-profit Bikeshare Hawaii. This bikeshare system is made for both locals and visitors alike with multiple pricing options available based on your needs ($4.50 for a 30min ride, $25 for a 5 hour window, and a lot more)! 

Currently, and impressively, you have 1,300 bikes to choose from at over 130 “Biki Stops” throughout downtown Honolulu. Their Biki bikes are uniquely designed to suit any size and any skill rider both comfortably and safely. You won’t find this bike design at any other bikeshare in the world. And (with 2 miles of protected bike lanes, 46 miles of bike paths, 59 miles of bike lanes, and 40 miles of bike routes) it has never been safer to ride a bike in Honolulu and its surrounding areas. It just keeps getting safer with more bike lanes, paths, and routes being planned as you read this. Check out BIKI’s bike safety page for detailed safety tips! 

Let’s get down to the benefits of using BIKI bikes on your visit no matter if you’re here for business or pleasure.

  • Pass up the car traffic and spend more time doing the activities you came to do!
  • Get some fresh air and on the ground sight seeing from your bike seat!
  • Forget about the stress and inconvenience of finding a parking spot in busy Honolulu or in neighborhoods where parking is nil “Use it, dock it, forget it.”.
  • It’s good for the environment by reducing pollution and fossil fuel use! 
  • It’s a healthy way to travel! 

So where can you go on BIKI? There are bike docs as far north as Iwilei & Pacific (the closest doc to us!), as far south as Kanaina & Monsarrat, as far west as Paoa Place & Kalia Road and as far east as Manoa Marketplace.

  • Work up your appetite by biking to restaurants that rank high with locals!
  • Take your sweet tooth out for dessert!
  • Here for business? Easily get around the business district hassle free! 
  • Go check out the beautiful campus of the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
  • Visit all the cool creatures at the Honolulu Zoo
  • Want to shop? Go ahead and bike, doc, and “shop til you drop”. 
  • Get a warm up while biking to the golf course! 
  • Easily access cultural experiences such as the Honolulu Museum of Art and Iolani Palace 
  • Don’t waste time searching for a parking spot at all the popular beaches! 

Ready to tighten the straps on your helmet and begin your adventures around O’ahu, download the BIKI app here and GO BIKI!  For updates and exciting tips, follow BIKI on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

By Sandal 

We think this one speaks for itself! Especially to get from one spot on the beach to another! 

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